Seven Panel SwabScreen Oral Drug Test With Alcohol

$8.19 / per test

This Seven Panel SwabScreen Oral Drug Test with Alcohol provides more quality and value to this top of the line product. A great addition is the ability to test for alcohol abuse. This allows you to cover every area that is needed. This drug test continues to be less invasive, by only requiring the collection of human saliva. This eliminates the need of a private restroom and allows the testing to be observed, so that it is hard to adulterate the test sample. One test can detect up to 7 different illicit drugs. Once the sample is collected, it can be secured in its cap and delivered for further research.

Drug Test Combinations Available

SS-874-ALC —ALC / AMP / COC / mAMP / OPI / PCP / THC
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Seven Panel SwabScreen Oral Drug Test With Alcohol
The Swab Screen is a high quality instant oral drug test now available on We are pleased to offer this new Saliva Drug Test. Our test is simple to use, accurate and cost effective. This test is manufactured with the highest quality components and has been tested by our quality control department ensuring the best possible outcome.
The benefits of our new test include:
  • Simple collection procedure (Just collect the sample and put the cap on)
  • Single drug strips which make for easy interpretation of results
  • Test up to 12 drugs
  • Simple observation which eliminates adulteration
  • Can be sent to a laboratory for further confirmation
  • Fast results
  • Crisp clear result lines
Directions for use:
  1. Bring the pouch to room temperature before opening it. Remove the test from the pouch and use as quickly as possible.
  2. Remove the collection sponge device from the pouch. Take out of the collector cap, put the sponge collector device into the donors mouth. Have them close their mouth and move the sponge around for saliva collection. Sponge should be soaked with saliva and collection should take no less than 3 minutes. Sponge should be soft and FULLY saturated. Not collecting enough saliva will result in a FAILED test.
  3. Place the test device on a level surface. Remove the sponge collection device from the mouth and place into the testing device sponge side first. Screw the collector cap on to the test until it locks.
  4. Stand test device upright on surface and let test remain in upright position while test is running.
  5. Read results at 10 minutes.

Note: Once the collection sponge is locked into test, the device is airtight, tamper proof and can be disposed or sent to a laboratory for further confirmation if necessary.


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