Saliva Drug Test Supply focuses specifically on oral fluid based instant drug tests. We wanted to provide our customers an easier way to narrow down to the oral tests that are becoming increasingly popular. Our principle is simple-quality tests for lower than our competitors.

Our saliva drug tests are preferred in professional environments where supervision is a concern. The convenience of monitoring an oral test vs. the traditional urine test have made them a preferred device for drug testing. Some industries that choose to use saliva drug tests are rehabs, hospitals, staffing agencies and all sizes of businesses. The oral tests that we offer are just as accurate as urine tests, yet they avoid the messy often awkward process of testing via urine.

With such accurate drug tests at rock bottom prices, why would you look anywhere else. Our products are sold by the case, with each case consisting of 25 individually wrapped devices. We constantly the internet to make certain that the prices we offer you are more than competitive, but rather ridiculously low for the quality that you get with these tests.

We ship from our Southern California warehouse, which is temperature controlled and secured to ensure quality testing equipment. Also, because we stock all of these products, you receive your oral drug tests sooner. We are not the middle man, we are the wholesaler.

Shop for quality mouth swab drug tests in multipanel options. With 5-12 panel configurations, you can effectively test for most of the commonly abused drugs in one test. If there is a custom combination that you prefer, please contact us with a minimum order amount, and we can have that designed for your specifically.


Welcome to Saliva Drug Test Supply, the only way to shop for oral tests.