NICDetect Oral Cotinine Test

$6.50 / per test

  • 30 ng/mL cutoff
  • Results in Under 10 Minutes
  • Accurately Detect Cotinine (Metabolite of Nicotine)
  • For Forensic Use Only
  • 510K Exempt for Determination ONLY
  • Every Case Includes 3 Additional Collection Devices
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The NicDetect is an oral fluid cotinine rapid test that offers exceptional accuracy and provides results in less than 10 minutes. The NicDetect with its 30 ng/mL cutoff, targets routine, daily, and habitual tobacco/nicotine users and eliminates light-use smokers, tobacco, nicotine users, e.g., occasional cigar smokers. This oral swab type test allows you to collect anytime/anywhere, is easy to use and read, and provides instant results instead of waiting 24-48 hours on a laboratory send out

Examples of potential Nic Detect Users:

Life Insurance Industry
• Risk stratification – issuing policy and pricing

Occupational Health/Wellness/Workplace testing for employees
• Pre-employment – Promote a nicotine free workplace
• Risk stratification – Benefits pricing determination/Premium Differential

Cessation Programs

• Schools – activities
• Concerned parents


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