Knowing whether employees are taking drugs is essential for many businesses, especially those that operate in dangerous environments. Employees who are under the influence of illicit substances put themselves and other people at risk, as well as damage the reputation of the firm. Companies, therefore, are looking for better methods to detect drug use among their workers so that they can make sure that their working environment remains safe and drug-free.

The Advantages Of Saliva Drug Tests

Generally, there are two ways employers look for evidence of drug use among their employees: saliva drug tests and urine testing. Over time, saliva drug testing has become a lot more popular because of its inherent advantages.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of saliva testing is the fact that the tests directly detect the parent ingredient, meaning that they look to see whether the drug itself is present rather than some derivative that might result in a false positive. The second benefit is that they are quick: just a single swab of saliva is required, meaning that time-constrained companies can get back to work rapidly. It also means that tests can be carried out at any time, whether it’s first thing in the morning before a driver goes out on deliveries, or last thing at night, just as workers are leaving the office.

Another benefit is that saliva testing doesn’t involve any privacy issues. Urine tests have the problem that they require privacy, which means that samples can be tampered with. Saliva tests, on the other hand, are collected publicly in the presence of witnesses.

Saliva Tests Are Cost-Effective

Perhaps the biggest boon of saliva tests for businesses comes from the fact that they are surprisingly economical. In general, urine tests are still cheaper to purchase, but saliva tests are coming down in price all the time. What’s more, when you factor in the other benefits, including the fact that anybody can carry out a test, there are no gender or privacy issues, and that it can be done anywhere, they begin to look like a very compelling proposition. What’s more, there are no shy bladder issues to contend with as there are with urine samples, meaning less time wasted for business. The costs of not carrying out saliva tests are potentially very high. Companies that don’t do their own internal saliva testing run the risk of their employees damaging their business, either through injuring themselves or somebody else or by hurting client relationships.
Saliva Tests Can’t Be Cheated

Some forms of drug testing can be cheated, but at present, there are no known ways to cheat a saliva test. It’s public, and there aren’t any drugs or chemicals on the market that can be used to hide parent ingredients from detection. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that urine tests aren’t very useful if you want to detect whether somebody is under the influence of drugs right now. Urine tests rely on detecting the byproducts of drug metabolism, whereas saliva tests can tell you whether a person is under the influence there and then.